Log-program  for the Maritime Radio Day

The program covers the MRD for professionals.
For this reason there are input fields with Q groups. (no RST) In the log program, AFU-Call, OP, Last Call are queried once for configuration at the beginning. A log file for this MRD action is created from this. The log program checks whether the call to be worked (AFU) has already been used on this tape on this day.
Then it expects input in the following fields: QSA (preset with 5), QRK (preset with 5), op name, ex-call, QRA .
These values are saved and the program determines the points for this QSO. In the program the QSOs are constantly displayed with -: ship = 11 coast = 11 other = 4 that's 59 points and 28 QSOs in total.


Here you can download a log-program – windows version - for the MRD.It is a portable version, so you dont’n have a setup.exe for the installation. It runs under WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, XP, WIN7-WIN10 32 and 64 Bit and needs a  800x600 screen minimum. If possible perform the download as mainuser and not as administrator!
If you are not so firm in computing, a help file for the acrobat reader can be downloaded for more information, special for WIN10.

Download MRD-programm  Download installation-help.pdf

please test this programm an report to:
Jörg Uwe vom Hagen
moc.loa@negahmovuj     read backwards